I just received the official word last week that I will be attending Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego, CA this year.  This is a conference that I have been looking to attend for some time now so I am excited to finally be able to take part in it.  I figured I would post my schedule on here for the generally curious and in the off chance that someone reading this might want to connect while there.

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First, let me forewarn you that this post is not even remotely technical in nature.  I have had a couple of significant events happening int he background that have been my priority over the past couple of weeks and wanted to give an update here on why things have been stale (if that’s even possible with only one technical post).

Change #1 – New Daughter

That’s right, on 5/23 my second daughter, Lydia Joy, was born around 8:30 AM.  Everything went as smooth as possible and like many others before me, this week has been a week of settling in and adjusting to the demanding schedule that a newborn requires.  This time around was a lot easier from a preparation standpoint as we already had all of the necessities from our first.  That being said, my wife and I took the more traditional route and didn’t know the gender before birth.  I guess we lucked out as their was no required mad rush to the store to buy boys clothing.  I’m enjoying the process a little more this time as it is familiar and couldn’t be more excited that Hannah (our first) wants nothing more than to be a great helper.  I’ll spare you any more details and just post the picture like any proud father should:

Change #2 – New Job

After 6 years at my current employer, KidsPeace, I have decided that the timing is right to pursue new opportunities elsewhere.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had while working at KidsPeace and am excited to bring the experience I have gained there to new projects and challenges.  As I’m sure you can imagine, the past two weeks have been daunting with transitioning current responsibilities to my team members and having a baby during the process.  It certainly has not been boring and am glad that the bulk of the craziness is done for a while.  I will be joining the systems team at kgb starting tomorrow which I’m sure will bring a bevy of new topics to cover on this blog.  I am still planning on pursuing my CCNP (even though it falls out of the purview of my new responsibilities) and even possibly VCP in the near future as virtualization will be a large component of my position.


So now that the news is out of the way, I promise that my next post will be a technical one.  Until then…

Welcome to the start of my personal blog.  Regardless how you made your way here, welcome and I hope that you find the content here useful.  Let me take a minute to introduce myself:

My name is Jordan Martin.  I am currently the Manager of Technical Services at a national non-profit organization serving behaviorally challenged youth.  I have 10 years of experience in managing networks and systems and have had the opportunity to manage my fair share of enterprise technology.

When I’m not at work I’m usually spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter.  We are expecting child #2 any day now and are very much looking forward to meeting them soon.

She's definitely a daddy's girl...

She's definitely a daddy's girl...

I’m starting this blog with the hope of giving back to the community that has given me so much.  I plan to write about the technologies, techniques and general news that I run across while doing my job.  My hope is to help others and to join in on the amazing community that surrounds the technologies we manage.  Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and I would love to hear what all of you would like to read about.