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Configuring WSUS Replica Server To Download From Microsoft Update Servers

I recently came across an issue with WSUS that ended up requiring an entire rebuild of the servers, databases and configuration at the organization I currently work for. As is true for most organizations, WAN traffic for us is a limited resource. With locations all over the world latencies tend to add up pretty quickly as well. Transferring files between the US and Asia can be a pretty mind numbing and time consuming process so I wanted to configure our remote replica WSUS installations to pull down their own updates from Microsoft instead of from the upstream server. What I found was pretty simple and I thought I would document it here in case others were looking to do the same. Here goes.

  1. Open up the Windows Server Update Services mmc (Start->Administrative Tools->Windows Server Update Services) on the server you want to configure.
  2. Navigate to the Options window
  3. Click on Update Files and Languages
  4. Check the Download files from Microsoft Update; do not download from upstream server box

  5. Click on OK

That’s it…very simple to do bot not necessarily the most intuitive place to put the configuration (I was looking for the setting in Update Source and Proxy Server)


  1. Jason Jason

    Hey thanks for the tip man. Just got into WSUS and we have 7 sites, so we wanted to do replica mode and have them download the approved updates from MS directly to reduce WAN traffic.

  2. John Vance John Vance

    Thanks, I was looking for this in the wrong place, too!

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