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NFD9 Homework: CloudGenix

CloudGenix is one of the sponsor companies presenting at Network Field Day 9. They are the very definition of a startup being less than 2 years old and coming out of stealth mode in April of 2014. The founders of the company are all former colleagues from Cisco.

The Product: Well, that’s an interesting question as there isn’t much information out there about it. Their website claims that they are developing a SDN solution for the WAN that is currently in private beta. I couldn’t find anything online that showed any technical description beyond the typical flowery wording about mapping business process/priority to network traffic flows.

SDN WAN technology is very interesting to me as I believe it is likely going to be the real driver for mass adoption of SDN. Most of the hype around SDN has had a focus in the datacenter, supporting large and complicated implementations of cloud or distributed applications. SDN in the datacenter is solving many problems that large organizations are having, but most mid-tier organizations just aren’t fighting those same battles. However, just about every organization I have encountered has had to make decisions around routing, security, resiliency and prioritization of their WAN circuits. Any technology that makes this process easier, and is capable of mapping business objectives to technical implementation, has the potential to be a catalyst of change in how WANs are deployed.

Conclusion: CloudGenix has the potential to be a very interesting product but with so little information out there about them it’s hard to tell. I imagine their presentation at NFD9 has the potential to be something that leaves us excited about the possibilities but there are just too many question marks to have a solid opinion going in. Either way, I am looking forward to hearing more about what CloudGenix is working on.


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