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Network Collective Is Adding Membership Options

Lots of great things have been happening with Network Collective lately, but I wanted to call attention to a big announcement that we made yesterday on the show. Network Collective is going to be offering two new membership tiers for our listeners. We talk about it in quite a bit of detail on the latest episode, but figured I would write out the whole story here for those who may have missed it.

Let’s start with why we’re doing this.

There’s two primary reasons why we wanted to go down this path. The first has a lot to do with our identity as a show and what we want to provide in the network engineering community, and that is mentorship. There’s a lot tied up in that word but we feel network engineers are often left on an island in the organizations that they work for. Even with peers within an organization, the scope of what you can learn is usually limited to the things you deal with day to day.

We want to change that by building a community for networkers where they can come to learn new things, develop new and vital skills, build a broad personal network, and ultimately take the next steps in their networking career. Network Collective is lucky to have access to world class networkers who want to share their experience and knowledge with you.

The second reason for this approach is a bit more functional for us. While we appreciate and respect the vendors that build the equipment and software we work on, we also recognize that our value to the community is dependent upon us retaining and independent voice. Advertising doesn’t inherently change that independence, but becoming fully dependent on it does. By offering subscription options we allow our listeners to participate in keeping Network Collective independent of vendors and manufacturers to keep the show going.

What exactly are we offering?

We’re offering our listeners two tiers of membership:


The supporter tier is for those who want to help us keep an independent voice or just generally support the show. Maybe you don’t need the exclusive content or mentorship that we can provide, but you like the content we produce and can help us keep it going by sending a few dollars a month our way. As a thank you for supporting us in this way, we will give you access to all of our content without any advertising included.

Price: $5.00/month with no commitments

Community Member

A community member will receive a number of additional benefits not received by the general public or supporter tier of membership.

Exclusive Content

The first and primary benefit will be exclusive Network Collective content created just for you. This content will look familiar, being delivered in both podcast and short take formats, but will focus on training, development and mentorship in a much deeper way than we can on the public podcast channels. We’re committing to two additional podcast and three additional short takes every month, but that by no means is a limit on what you can expect to see added in this section monthly.

Live Expert Q&A

In addition to exclusive podcast content, we’ll be arranging a monthly live question and answer session with a distinguished guest contributor. This is an opportunity for you to directly engage with leading experts in our field and to actively participate in the conversation.

Network Collective Member Slack

Becoming a Network Collective Community Member will also get you access to the invite-only Network Collective Membership Slack. In this group you can engage with your peers and the hosts of Network Collective on the topics that matter to you.

Ad Free Content

As a Community Member, you will receive all the same benefits as a Supporter. This includes access to ad-free versions of all publicly available content.

Price: $250.00/year

What’s changing with the public feed?

Absolutely nothing. We’ll continue to produce Community Roundtable, History of Networking, and Off The Cuff episodes of Network Collective, just like we always have. These will never be moved behind a registration or pay wall. If you choose not to pay for either of our subscriptions methods, we will support this content with advertising.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who could use some training, guidance, mentorship, or a solid community focused around network engineering.

Who is providing the content?

Russ, Eyvonne, and myself will be doing a fair amount of content production for this membership site, but we won’t be alone. Part of the benefit of a site like this is that we can now offer a great place for knowledgeable engineers to offer their insight and knowledge, and get paid for doing so. We’re big believers in making sure content creators are fairly compensated for their knowledge and effort, and this is what a portion of your subscription amount is going to pay for. We’ll be bringing in experts from many different disciplines to talk about technology and the other skills required to be good at what you do.

So when does all this happen?

We’re launching the membership site on June 1st. You’ll start seeing some changes on the Network Collective site over the next couple weeks in preparation for these changes.

Final Thoughts

I hope this answered any questions that you might have had. If you want to hear us talk about the membership site, you can listen to the second half of the episode I’ve embedded below. If you have any more questions you can leave me a comment here, hit me up on twitter, send us a comment via Network Collective, or find me/Network Collective on any of your favorite social media sites. We hope you’ll join us when we get things rolling on June 1st.

Ep27 – State Of The Podcast from Network Collective on Vimeo.

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