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Jordan Martin

Who is Jordan Martin?  In a professional capacity I am a consulting network engineer/architect focusing on data-center/enterprise routing, switching, and wireless.  I’ve been a full time technology practitioner since entering the industry in 2000 and don’t have plans on changing that any time soon.  Along the way I’ve obtained some certifications to validate a few of the skills I’ve learned and am currently certified as a CCIE (#43772) in routing/switching.  If you’re interested in more of my professional history, you can find all of the boring details over at my LinkedIn profile.

In a more amateur capacity, I enjoy photography, drumming, travel, meat, whiskey, and cigars.  I might incorporate some of those other interests here in the future but for now this blog is pretty networking centric.  On a personal level, I am very much a family man.  I’m happily married and have three amazing kids (2 girls, 1 boy, no more).  We live in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania.

If for some reason you want to hear more from me, I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  While my writing here is occasional and when inspired, I have been writing in other locations as well.  Take a look at my Other Publications page to see where else I’ve been participating.


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